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Brand strategy

Whether you are well established or just starting your business, with us you will define your brand development process and discover how to turn your calling into impact and revenue. It's both branding and business planning, all in one comprehensive solution. Determining and revealing your unique offering to the world, readjusting your business model and getting to know your target audience are just a few of the essential elements we will help you discover during our coaching.

Branding and Marketing Phase

We accompany you step by step with proven tools. Here are the different phases essential to the success of your project


Current state of your business. The SWOT Study. Redefine your mission, vision and core values. Positioning yourself.


Types of competitors. Gather information about your competitors. Study the environment around you.


Depict your ideal client. Trace the path of your customers. Define your market segment.


Attract, arouse interest, trigger desire. Encourage action with a clear and unique message. Define your offer.


Sales flowchart. 7 steps of the sales process. Your sales objectives.


What forms of offline marketing best fit your business? What goals are you pursuing through this marketing effort?


Attract - increase the number of visitors to your site. Convert - turn visitors into potential customers


This working document will be used to track all of your marketing activities (offline and online), associated costs and performance measures for one year.

Deployment and execution phase

Branded design

After the in-depth work on your company, it's time to reveal your new identity to the world. This is the deployment and execution phase of your roadmap. 

Design of the LOGO, define the colors, symbols, typography, imagery and choose the intonation of your brand (audio and video of your animations).

Business cards, flyers, letterheads, brochures, signs, window displays, accordance with the Brand guideline

Build your website that represents your new visual identity. SEO optimization. by respecting the Brand guideline

Creation and optimization of the Google company page. En respecting the Brand guideline

Align your social media presence with your new graphic design. Professional Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn

Prepare templates for your social media posts.

Design of your Power-Point presentation templates, your ebooks, and your Pdf documents.

Results analysis phase

Set up performance indicators; Sales; Number of new customers...

The graphic charter of the brand


Testimonials from our customers

I work with the BSB-Strategy for two years. They helped me restructure my entire organization internally with a communication strategy that was perfectly aligned and consistent with my business objectives. They revamped the visual presentation on the premises with a new decoration and layout that reflects the personality of my company. Their business and management advice is very relevant. Thank you to the whole team.

Aicha Meziane
CEO, Yulmaz Institute

I felt stuck because I wasn't 100% clear on where my brand was going long term. BSB STRATEGY was able to give me clarity that blew me away! I felt more powerful and focused than ever. They were a game changer for me. Thank you

Jamila Ougar
CEO, Globemedic

The BSB STRATEGY team helped me focus and understand the importance of branding, what my brand purpose is and what will move my business forward. Thank you!

Michel Lemieux
CEO, theorem

I have the experience of working with the BSB Strategy team to create my logo for my website and the powerpoint for the corporate presentations for my services in 2019. Then this year, I again received help from the BSB Strategy team to update my Facebook and professional staff to the new brand design to share my message and mission within my community. I have a lot of fun co-creating with BSB Strategy. 

Simone Hoa
CEO, success 2 passion

The team redesigned and created the identity of DuSaurin & Associés. found the word, the design, the concept that was really in my heart as a business creator. BSB STRATEGY will be able to help you in the following ways amazing. Go ahead, with your eyes closed. The satisfaction is there. Thank you for your time!

CEO, Consultant I Expert

Let our consultants introduce you to the branding concepts and tools that are essential to growing your business.

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