Our history

We offer you a complete solution for the growth of your business.

BSB is a digital advertising consultancy specializing in branding, website design, digital marketing, and business development for small businesses, non-profits and startups. Based in Montreal, serving clients throughout Quebec and overseas Algeria, France.

It consists of a great team of branding and brand design consultants who have been working in this field since 1995. Together we decided to found our company Business Solution in Brand Strategy in 2018, to combine our respective skills and experiences to offer small businesses a complete branding and marketing solution. Over the years, we've helped thousands of amazing entrepreneurs build their brand identities using graphic design and improve their online and offline visibility. We have created our own processes to provide a consistent and authentic brand image regardless of the medium or media used.

The graphic charter of the brand


Dedicated consultants who are passionate about branding and its impact on the marketing of your services and products.


A proven process

A process and tools designed from the tests of more than 20 years of experience in this field.


Creative ideas

Our consultants combine art and entrepreneurial spirit. Cultural diversity stimulates our creativity.

Why choose us

We offer a complete branding and marketing solution.

Our coaching services are designed to help you clarify your message, define your positioning, build awareness and increase revenue.

We have designed a proven process to help you create a profitable brand that will allow you to thrive, and make an impact in the marketplace.

Brand DNA

Branded design




Testimonials from our customers

I work with the BSB-Strategy for two years. They helped me restructure my entire organization internally with a communication strategy that was perfectly aligned and consistent with my business objectives. They revamped the visual presentation on the premises with a new decoration and layout that reflects the personality of my company. Their business and management advice is very relevant. Thank you to the whole team.

Aicha Meziane
CEO, Yulmaz Institute

I felt stuck because I wasn't 100% clear on where my brand was going long term. BSB STRATEGY was able to give me clarity that blew me away! I felt more powerful and focused than ever. They were a game changer for me. Thank you

Jamila Ougar
CEO, Globemedic

The BSB STRATEGY team helped me focus and understand the importance of branding, what my brand purpose is and what will move my business forward. Thank you!

Michel Lemieux
CEO, theorem

I have the experience of working with the BSB Strategy team to create my logo for my website and the powerpoint for the corporate presentations for my services in 2019. Then this year, I again received help from the BSB Strategy team to update my Facebook and professional staff to the new brand design to share my message and mission within my community. I have a lot of fun co-creating with BSB Strategy. 

Simone Hoa
CEO, success 2 passion

The team redesigned and created the identity of DuSaurin & Associés. found the word, the design, the concept that was really in my heart as a business creator. BSB STRATEGY will be able to help you in the following ways amazing. Go ahead, with your eyes closed. The satisfaction is there. Thank you for your time!

CEO, Consultant I Expert

Let our consultants introduce you to the branding concepts and tools that are essential to growing your business.

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