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Why do brands fail?

The first reason brands fail is that there is too much advertising in the marketplace, a saturated and sometimes polluted world with an abundance of choice. You are confused and especially hesitant and your audience is flooded with options and information. If you are not very clear about what you offer, your audience will be too.

You were born with your own unique authenticity, so you can make a difference in the marketplace with your personal imprint and brand identity. Let BSB strategy help you create and develop your brand.


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Imagine and visualize your brand and what impact it will have on your market awareness. Have a clear vision, a strategy; a roadmap to reach your goals. Increase your sales, strengthen your market presence; with your brand.

Business Solution


We help small businesses stand out in their niche market with a "Complete Branding and Marketing Solution" to achieve their growth objective.

The creation of your brand will allow you to make the difference within the clusters of your specialty, with a unique and inimitable brand in the world. It will also allow you to conquer new coveted markets, to perfectly master your environment, to create your own ideal style and to generate consequent revenues. This is the ambitious and unprecedented nature of a company that creates its "brand". Let us show you the "modus operandi".

Brand strategy

We can help you!

 We work with you for 8 weeks to create a brand image with a branding strategy customized to your business. At the end of this process, you will have a unique and engaging brand identity, with a clear roadmap and goals to achieve with rigorous tracking quantified by a graph under your control at all times.

You'll learn exactly what steps you need to take to build your brand, increase your influence and grow your revenue. So, now is the time for you to take some time to reflect and decide to design a real brand strategy.

Our approach

The 4 Phases for a successful strategy

Brand strategy

Define your mission; Identify your core values; Create a brand personality; Determine your positioning.

Branded design

Logo creation (choice of name); Define your graphic charter; Designing your visual models; Choose your image styles.

Digital Marketing

Website; Social Media, Sales pages; E-books, publications; Facebook, Google, Advertising campaigns.

Analysis of the results

Set up performance indicators; Turnover; Number of new customers...

Brand Strategy

Business Solution

It is a team of consultants in branding "image of brand" and brand design "conception of brand" for over 20 years.

Over the years, we have accompanied, helped and supported thousands of extraordinary entrepreneurs to build their brand identities using graphic design and to improve their online and offline visibility. Since then, we have created our own processes to deliver a consistent and authentic identity across all media. 

Why choose us?

We specialize in brand creation and development for small businesses in Laval, Montreal and surrounding areas.

Trust us with your project and save time and money with concrete results and peace of mind. 


Superior service quality

Every job done must be perfect. We use the latest techniques to provide the best solutions on the market.



We accompany you step by step in the creation of a brand image with a branding strategy personalized and adapted to your company.


Proven process

Over the years, we have designed a process with working tools to structure all the steps and accompany our clients step by step to achieve their financial goals


A dedicated team

We are passionate about communication and marketing strategies.


Expert consultants

Experts in branding, marketing, sales and graphic design to provide you with the best solution for your growth.


Market research

We study the real context and the best way to market your product successfully.


The graphic charter of the brand


Testimonials from our customers

I work with the BSB-Strategy for two years. They helped me restructure my entire organization internally with a communication strategy that was perfectly aligned and consistent with my business objectives. They revamped the visual presentation on the premises with a new decoration and layout that reflects the personality of my company. Their business and management advice is very relevant. Thank you to the whole team.

Aicha Meziane
CEO, Yulmaz Institute

I felt stuck because I wasn't 100% clear on where my brand was going long term. BSB STRATEGY was able to give me clarity that blew me away! I felt more powerful and focused than ever. They were a game changer for me. Thank you

Jamila Ougar
CEO, Globemedic

The BSB STRATEGY team helped me focus and understand the importance of branding, what my brand purpose is and what will move my business forward. Thank you!

Michel Lemieux
CEO, theorem

I have the experience of working with the BSB Strategy team to create my logo for my website and the powerpoint for the corporate presentations for my services in 2019. Then this year, I again received help from the BSB Strategy team to update my Facebook and professional staff to the new brand design to share my message and mission within my community. I have a lot of fun co-creating with BSB Strategy. 

Simone Hoa
CEO, success 2 passion

The team redesigned and created the identity of DuSaurin & Associés. found the word, the design, the concept that was really in my heart as a business creator. BSB STRATEGY will be able to help you in the following ways amazing. Go ahead, with your eyes closed. The satisfaction is there. Thank you for your time!

CEO, Consultant I Expert

Let our consultants introduce you to the branding concepts and tools that are essential to growing your business.




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